Companies we have invested in

Since 2004 Boston Harbor Angels have made over sixty investments in companies in medical devices, IT, internet/web services, consumer products, business products and services, specialty materials, aviation and emerging technologies.

Information Technology

Lessac Technologies – Producing near human quality expressive speech from plain text.
Voice Genesis – The world's first multimodal mobile email.
Carbonite - Automatically backs up your new and changed files.
PawSpot – Pawspot is a free pet supersite which allows pet owners to connect and share their love of natures’s greatest creatures, helping pet owners find and search for their animal companion's needs no matter where they might live.
Jam Technologies
Aras Corp - Aras provides a suite of enterprise software solutions to coordinate the complicated business processes in engineering and production resulting in faster, more profitable product launches.
PowerPlay – Fast growing internet advergaming platform that uses legal, fully US compliant poker and other games as content to sell advertising.
GateRocket - Integrates off-the-shelf hardware and unique software inside a transparent engine in order to streamline development of complex systems such as network switches, satellites, or CT scanners, offering the first collaborative design and debug environment for Complex Field Programmable Gate Arrays ("CFPGAs" ).
Regroup – (Formerly CollegeWikis) Regroup provides you with a platform to communicate with your constituents, and for them to communicate with each other, while integrating with social media.
StylePath – StylePath's patented technology filters the web so shoppers can find clothing, jewelry, furniture and home decor that matches their unique taste.
WebNotes – WebNotes is transforming the "post-search" space, making it easy to capture, organize, share, and present information found on the Web.
Oculis – Oculis Labs has a pioneering software solution to display security - more effective, more efficient, and lower cost than current solutions.
Horizontal – Horizontal manages and delivers information for the built environment, making lifecycle data accessible and useful to all project members.
ImageRights International – ImageRights searches for unauthorized use of photos online.
AisleBuyer – A|B’s product transforms a shopper’s Smartphone into a virtual shopping assistant & mobile self-checkout device to be used in a store’s aisles.
Gramify – Gramify sells audio greetings featuring voices of famous celebrities/characters.
Vizibility – “Googling” is standard practice. Vizibility delivers the first SearchMe Button for Google that instantly returns the search results people want first.
BrandYourSelf - BrandYourSelf offers solutions for individuals and small businesses to help them easily control how they appear in Google searches.
GoodTwo - GoodTwo helps you raise more money by rewarding your donors with targeted, limited-time offers from top-tier brands.
HadoopDB - HadoopDB is a cloud-optimized parallel database capable of performing high speed analytics on both structured and unstructured data.
Mosaic Storage Systems - Mosaic provides a complete digital asset storage solution for professional and prosumer photographers.
ReDigi - ReDigi creates the world's first used digital marketplace with proprietary technology, uploads original, legitimately obtained digital media files without illegally copying them and removes all copies from the accessed computer and synced devices. 

Life Sciences

Sialix - Developing therapeutic antibodies targeting glycan alterations present in the majority of solid tumors — including colorectal, lung, ovarian, breast, prostate, and pancreatic cancer
SmartCells - Developing SmartInsulin™, the first glucose-regulated, subcutaneously injectable insulin formulation for treating diabetes.
Chronix Biomedical - Applies proprietary techniques that utilize serum DNA to develop routine blood tests for the early detection and management of cancer.
Cambridge Endoscopic Devices - Revolutionizing least invasive surgery through a proprietary platform technology in endoscopic and laparoscopic instrumentation.
Cannuflow - Develops and markets advanced medical devices that help healthcare professionals more effectively manage fluid management performance during arthroscopic surgery.
MedChannel - Designs software that helps medical distributors and customers manage the supply chain of medical equipment.
Neuroptix - Creating and developing an innovative non-invasive and predictive laser eye scanning test for the early detection and diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease.
Myomo  - Has developed a robotic brace that can play a significant role in stroke rehabilitation.
BioDrain Medical - Develops innovative products that safely dispose of fluids generated from surgical procedures, thereby increasing safety, reducing costs, improving efficiency and decreasing the environmental impact.
Nomir Medical - A medical device company with a product pipeline of optical energy therapies for multiple clinical applications.
Wadsworth Medical – Developed DermaLOC™, an innovative and disruptive wound closure device.
Daktari Diagnostics - Develops simple, accurate, and affordable products that deliver critical diagnostic information to clinicians and patients across the globe
Ultradian Diagnostics - Develops advanced wireless biosensor technologies for on-patient monitoring and management of chronic illnesses.
TruTouch - TruTouch has developed, produced, and is selling a touch-based noninvasive alcohol concentration measurement system that is user friendly, instantaneous and cost effective.
Bliss Healthcare - Bliss Healthcare brings comprehensive premium healthcare to patients at home so families stay connected yet care for aging parents, loved ones.
Quantum Dental - QDT has developed a new platform which uses a low-powered laser to detect tooth decay earlier & more accurately than traditional caries detection technologies.
Respiratory Motion - Respiratory Motion is a medical device company focusing on the development and commercialization of innovative devices to monitor respiratory variation.
Avaxia Biologics - Avaxia is developing orally-delivered antibody therapeutics for diseases of the GI tract, using a proprietary antibody platform.
JB Therapeutics - JBT is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company developing a non-psychotropic synthetic derivative of THC.
eSight - eSight is the perfect investment whereby angels can truly “do well by doing good”: restoring sight. 
3Derm - 3Derm is a cost-effective skin imaging system that allows any user to take clinical-quality 3D images of concerning skin lesions and upload them instantly for review by a dermatologist. 
Tetragenetics - Tetragenetics has developed Tetrahymena, a unique, game changing, disruptive technology to advance drug development

Products & Services

Between Productions
Zoom Systems  - ZoomShops are automated, self-service stores that combine the convenience of online shopping with the immediacy of traditional retail.
Lucky Litter  - Develops and sells innovative pet products that allow pet lovers to spend less time on unpleasant pet care chores so they can spend more quality time with their pets.
Julianna Rae  - Using the highest quality eco-friendly fabrics including the finest silks, high threadcount cottons and modern micromodal, Julianna Rae makes clothes and intimate apparel to meet the fit and fashion needs of today's woman and today's eco-conscious buyer.
Motus Games Corp - (Formerly Fortescue Corporation) Motus Games is helping define the future of motion-based entertainment.
Finale Dessert Company  Operator of upscale dessert restaurants
Aircuity  - Aircuity provides sensing and ventilation control solutions for commercial buildings that cost-effectively reduce building energy costs by 20% to 40% without sacrificing occupant comfort, health or productivity.
Tikatok - A web community that unleashes the imagination of any child by empowering them to write, illustrate, co-author, share, and publish their own books. (Acquired by Barnes&Noble in 2009)
SepSensor - Developed a wireless sensor and remote monitoring service, enabling restaurants to efficiently monitor their grease interceptor via the web.
VIGIX – Develops small kiosks that provide entertainment content to the spontaneous consumer through a quick and delightful experience.
Emerginvest - Emerginvest will make the difficult process of investing in stocks in Emerging Markets much easier.
Incentive Targeting - Grocery marketers waste billions of dollars a year reaching the wrong shoppers. We target the right shoppers and we only charge for success.
AllMealDeals – Connecting patrons with restaurants One Meal Deal at a time.
Plymouth Holdings - Plymouth Holdings will pursue substantial investment opportunities in the current real estate market through development of one or more Real Estate Investment Trusts.
Pixability - Pixability helps business do online video marketing.
Alva Systems - Alva Systems is focused on commercializing its LED lighting intellectual property to the worldwide lighting market.
Take The Interview, Inc. - Take The Interview is a cloud-based video interviewing platform for employers and job candidates.
Athletic Standard -  Athletic Standard provides a proven rating system to identify athletic ability and potential for students, coaches and the sports industry.
CoolChip - CoolChip is commercializing an innovative air-moving paradigm for electronics cooling. 
KnipBio - KnipBio is developing an ultra-high yield fermentation process with unique growth characteristics to address tightening supplies of fish meal and other nutritional gaps in formulated feeds. 


Harmony Line
Sifaka Productions - Sifaka is the premier wildlife-themed site in the rapidly growing virtual world market, with early comparisons to Club Penguin


Nano-C - C – Developed an energy and environmentally efficient combustion-based process technology


XCOR - Develops extremely reliable, safe and reusable systems for low-cost spaceflight.