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John Gavin

John Gavin is the Co-founder of GGS Venture Partners, a firm that assists and invests in startups, early stage companies and real estate development. On top of GGS Venture's platform, John mentors aspiring entrepreneurs, assists companies that are in distress or looking to transition or exit and helps them attain their goals by building strong, fruitful relationships. John is extremely skilled at identifying promising, innovative investment opportunities relating to helpful consumer products and is also adept at guiding startups and helping make the correct, necessary business connections.

John currently serves as the CEO of Erie Drive, a growing on-trend design e-retailer and an integral piece if the GGS venture portfolio. Erie Drive specializes in offering unique gifts and handpicked home accents that artfully blend modern and vintage elements of style, functionality and design. Headquartered in Natick, Massachusetts, and founded by three merchandising experts and design mavens, the Erie Drive team has taken a "boutique approach" to buying quality items from both local and international markets.

Prior to GGS Venture Partners and Erie Drive, John was Principal and Vice President of Hybrivet Systems, Inc., a leading provider of instant-read, non-toxic products that immediately identify harmful chemicals, contaminants and toxins. John came in and restructured the internal organization of Hybrivet with new leadership, which resulted in the company becoming recognized as the marketplace's measuring stick with its flagship product, LeadCheck®. John has also been involved in the developing, financing and marketing of luxury residential real estate and currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts.

Values Boston Harbor Angels bring to Members

  • Exposure to a broad area of investment opportunities (IT, medical, consumer, real estate, internet, financial services, manufacturing, etc.)
  • Monthly meetings that are focused, with well prepared presenters.
  • A meeting style that is relaxed and conducted in the spirit of colleagues rather than adversaries.
  • Association with a membership of proven business leaders committed to excellence in everything that we do.
  • The opportunity to join other members in an effective due diligence process that provides increased exposure to "risks and rewards" prior to actual investing.
  • The ability to network with other angel groups, where our recommendations and theirs are highly valued and provide access to additional capital and pre-screened investment opportunities.
  • A membership known for providing resources beyond money which attracts superior investment candidates.
  • The opportunity for continued interaction with successful presenters that provides the gratification of giving something back.
  • Exposure to leading educational institutions, committed to entrepreneurship, such as Babson, Harvard, MIT, and others.

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